Welcome to Vizion.ai Elasticsearch Service!

We are thrilled to share our new multi-cloud data services platform with you.

Developed over two years by a team of 80+ engineers, Vizion.ai is a completely new platform for running machine learning and AI workloads and brings to market some unique benefits.

  • Elastic to scale – Vizon.ai is built from the ground to enable scalability for whatever data size is sent to it.
  • Lean economics – Vizion.ai uses object storage to store data and keep costs down.
  • A new consumption model – usage-based pricing, meaning you will only pay only for what you use. Whether you need 10 GB or 10 TB or 10 PB of indexed data, we scale transparently to support your gathering and analysis needs. With Vizion.ai, it is no longer necessary to pay for an abundance of fixed VMs and storage clusters.

Vizion.ai is currently available via private beta. Here’s how to get start testing during the beta period:

  1. Visit app.vizion.ai to register your account and create Elastic Stacks. You will receive 50 Gigabytes of data indexing for free during the beta period.
  2. When you create an Elastic Stack, you’ll be given a cluster URL, username password credentials and Kibana URL. This is how you’ll access your cluster. Save this info for future use.
  3. Use your new credentials to log-in to Kibana and load the sample data. We have three sample datasets for you to test immediately:
    • a. sample e-commerce orders
    • b.sample airline light data
    • c. sample server log files.
  4. Load the datasets and view the Kibana dashboards. It will give you ideas of what you can visualize.
  5. There are a lot of ways to get data into Vizion.ai. We recommend starting with Betas, the open-open-source tools from elastic.co.
  6. Go to www.vizion.ai/forum to get notes, scripts, and how-tos on connecting your servers to send data into your new Vizion.ai account.

We are excited for you to take the journey with us as we launch and grow Vizion.ai. We also want your feedback, so please email any questions to support@vizion.ai. We’ll continue to add new services and features in the coming months. In the meantime create your Stack and let’s go!

Below I’ve copied our Frequently Asked Questions document that provides more information on our service.

Vizion.ai Elasticsearch Service FAQ

How is Vizion.ai Elasticsearch service different than AWS Elasticsearch Service or Elastic.co Hosted Elasticsearch?
With traditional hosted Elasticsearch services, you have to buy the fixed amount of infrastructure you plan to use and then only the software is provided as a managed service. Thus, you are committing to a minimum fixed cost that could be thousands of dollars per month whether you use 2% of the capacity or 90%. And if your demands are spiky and higher than you planned, you will then have to buy more infrastructure.

With Vizion.ai, you only pay for what you consume. You never have to buy, plan or think about infrastructure capacity. Instead, we meter how much is consumed, and you pay only for what you use at the end of the month. We manage all of the infrastructure scaling transparently in the background. This is how we can provision Elastic stacks to our customers instantly, in only 3 clicks and with unlimited scalability.

How much does Vizion.ai Elasticsearch cost?
During the beta period, each validated account receives 10GB of indexed data for free. We are still finalizing pricing and will publish pricing before the end of the beta period. Pricing will be based upon the amount of average data indexed daily as well as the amount of indexed data retained and processed. Stay tuned to our blog for more announcements on pricing in the next several weeks. Expect to save about 30-40% over fixed infrastructure deployments while gaining unlimited flexibility in consumption.

What is the unique technology that enables Vizion.ai to offer this service?
There are three core components to Vizion.ai’s unique cloud-native technology stack.

  1. Our distributed cache tier (DCT). This is the proprietary storage technology leveraging SSD and NVME flash that sits below the application level and enables us to decouple block storage from the compute tier and scale both independently while leveraging object storage for data durability. The results in higher efficiencies and lower storage/compute costs with 99.999999999% index durability in secure S3 object storage.
  2. Hyper-converged cloud fabric (HCCF). The Vizion.ai HCCF is a Kubernetes based container orchestration layer that manages and deploys all compute, networking and DCT flash tier required to deploy and operate Vizion.ai at cloud-scale. HCCF abstracts all cloud provider APIs to provide a true multi-cloud operating environment. HCCF is a self-monitoring and self-healing platform designed to be deployed on inherently unreliable infrastructure while retaining enterprise-class availability. HCCF can be deployed in any environment, with traditional, on-premise infrastructure as well as in any public, private or hybrid cloud.
  3. Secure multi-tenancy. Vizion.ai developed an encrypted authentication model that provides secure access credentials with optional two-factor authentication. After authentication, all data ingested in Vizion.ai is passed in secure TLS 1.2 encrypted transport layers. In the security layer, the user’s data is ingested and encrypted with a unique 56-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cipher created and managed leveraging the proven Hashicorp Vault platform (https://www.vaultproject.io/docs/internals/security.html).

How secure is my data in Vizion.ai?
Vizion.ai leverages technologies to be compliant with all threats such as those defined in the OWASP top 10 model (www.owasp.org) and also engages in active third-party penetration testing before general availability of all products. Our encrypted authentication model as described above provides for secure communications between all clients and Vizion.ai and all traffic to Vizion.ai is encrypted to a minimum of TLS 1.2 standards for meeting HIPAA, NIST and PCI/DSS data encryption standards. Further, all data is stored encrypted with unique encryption key segmenting customer data as defined above.

What performance guarantees do you offer?
Vizion.ai is designed to offer 99.9% API availability during the beta period. Final SLAs for commercial service will be posted before moving into general availability of the product. For production Vizion.ai, it is expected that multiple service tiers will be offered based on data performance and query requirements.

Which version of Elasticsearch and which plug-ins do you support?
A) Vizion.ai Elasticsearch 6.5 with Kibana 6.5 is the version supported during beta. Plug-ins include GeoIP.

Our list of supported plug-ins and Kibana dashboards include:

  • -Logstash
  • -Metricbeat
  • -Auditbeat
  • -Winlogbeat
  • -Heartbeat

Filebeat is not fully supported during beta.

Additionally, we support all ES 6.5 APIs for data put/gets/search queries.

Are commercial features of Elasticsearch such as X-Pack with Machine Learning or Canvas available?
During beta, only the Apache-licensed open-source components are available. We are currently exploring the option to offer the fully commercially licensed stack upon general availability.

Where can I get help and see examples of how to get started with Vizion.ai Elasticsearch?
See the developer forum for documentation on Vizion.ai Elasticsearch. The developer forum is moderated by Vizion.ai developer advocates, product managers and engineers so it is the best way to get real-time answers to questions.

Where is Vizion.ai Data Stored?
The Vizion.ai Elasticsearch beta is being hosted in AWS in the United States. More cloud providers and additional regions will be supported during general availability.