Introducing Elasticsearch Service: Putting the Elastic ^ In Search

Since each enterprise has its own unique strategy and technical demands, the multi-cloud approach has quickly become the standard for many organizations. In fact, a recent study found that 86% of companies are using a multi-cloud approach to assist in their digital growth and innovation and to help save on infrastructure costs. That’s why last fall we created, Panzura’s multi-cloud data services platform that helps unlock the power of your data by making it easier to find and share across previously siloed clouds. And now, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Elasticsearch service, where we are putting the Elastic back in search.


With ESS, line of business, IT operations, DevOps, and managed service provider professionals benefit from:

  • Elastic Simplicity: one-click provisioning of one or many Elasticsearch clusters in seconds via automated, serverless deployment; deploy in a multi-tenant or dedicated cluster in AWS or in a private cloud managed service.
  • Elastic Scale: consume as a microservice in seconds and scale from test to PBs without resizing clusters or changing/redesigning the cluster architecture and size.
  • Elastic Savings: pay for what is used, with no minimum commitment and save 25-50 percent compared to alternative services.
  • Elastic Security: data is secured, encrypted, backed up and replicated for disaster recovery and provides an automated, simple stack setup that protects from administrative error and misconfigurations.


Our Elasticsearch service is important for enterprises because it represents a new scalable SaaS platform for storing all the transactions, logs, and activities from every digital footprint of every user and customer. Traditional databases have become swamped with mass amounts of data and are typically very costly and hard to maintain, causing corporations to turn to Elasticsearch services. But as they look into this powerful solution, they may be thrown off by the high maintenance requirements and the expertise needed to operate it at scale, making it very costly and complex to run. That’s where we can help. The Elasticsearch service is designed to take the complex and make it simple without sacrificing the power of the platform. Businesses are able to easily launch Elasticsearch clusters and scale them while we manage everything else on the back-end, all with a single click. Additionally, our Elasticsearch service provides managed and automated security with just a single click. Elasticsearch service truly puts the “elastic” back into search.


With this Elasticsearch launch and the evolution of in general, we are aiming to clarify the chaos and make cloud data management simple and powerful for IT executives. In order to do that, we needed to take a step back and create something that provides a single view across all platforms. With, companies are able to unlock the value of their unstructured data by enabling unified instant search, a single source for analytics, and smarter data management and control. Our Elasticsearch service only elevates that value, as enterprises can enjoy the flexibility and simplicity of Elasticsearch at a fraction of the cost and without the complexity.


We are so excited to help enterprises begin unlocking the power of their multi-cloud data with Elasticsearch service. Together, we can help you make faster and better business decisions, improve operational efficiencies, and improve data compliance and security.


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