Why Vizion.ai for Elasticsearch?

Patrick Harr
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A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of launching Vizion.ai Elasticsearch service. This product is designed to help organizations evolve their data intelligence services while saving on infrastructure costs as their business grows. As we were developing the platform, we knew we wanted to bring imagination to a new world of search and analytics that would work cohesively with Vizion.ai File Search Service. We envisioned that customers will focus on data value and get out of the muck of managing infrastructure. With these goals in mind, we set out to build an Elasticsearch service to better enable our customers to go above and beyond their enterprise demands.

Finding the Needle in the Haystack

How did this idea come to fruition? We didn’t originally set out to create Elasticsearch for Vizion.ai, but businesses’ needs lead us there naturally. And these needs first became loud and clear after observing Elasticsearch reach over 350 million downloads. It only seemed natural that we bring in Elasticsearch as the next step for our Vizion.ai offering.

We even started seeing adoption for Elasticsearch within our customers’ current business problems. Some of our customers working on a smart city initiative made it clear that they needed a strong, scalable Elasticsearch solution in order to pull video camera feeds. With so many files, this task was the equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack. We realized there was a huge potential to bring the power of our existing File Search Service and open it up for developers handling smart cities and IoT applications. We knew that if we could open the platform as an API, we could bring the power of our File Search Service to Elasticsearch, and therefore bring Elasticsearch to these customers.

Why Vizion.ai Elasticsearch Service 

Choosing a multi-cloud data solution for your organization is no small task. We kept this in mind when designing Vizion.ai, as we knew our offering had to be simple yet capable of all enterprise demands. Instead of building this platform from the data center environment, we chose to build the platform from the cloud environment, so it was immediately production ready. Our key customer value drivers were scale, simplicity, security and savings.

When we started sketching out Vizion.ai two and a half years ago, we knew this solution would need to be scalable from the petabyte level. Same goes for our Elasticsearch service, which can scale on demand, without performance drop-off. For example, with Vizion.ai Elasticsearch service, you are able to keep your multi-cloud data hot and access it in a more efficient manner. With greater efficiency, you are able to work quickly and save time.

With our Elasticsearch service, your organization will also experience cost effectiveness thanks to the new, unique ways that Vizion.ai stores data sets. How? Our innovative distributed cache storage tier enables us to combine both SSD flash storage and object storage to create a unified storage backend that provides cache for hot data while disk for cold data. Using automated caching and tiering algorithms within our storage, we can provide the performance of SSD at the cost of object storage.

Elasticsearch also provides enterprises with a platform for disaster recovery and auto-backup. If a data cluster is accidentally misconfigured, robots could potentially exploit this data. With Vizion.ai, we automate the configuration and scaling  to eliminate the risk of human error that can spell disaster for your clusters. Auto-simplicity makes for greater security, so your IT team can sleep easier at night.

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