Now Delivering Open Analytics and ML Service with Breakthrough Simplicity, Speed, and Economics on Intel Optane Technology

AI and Machine Learning are causing a seismic shift in IT because for the first time, computing intelligence is beginning to liberate the true value of enterprise data. But as enterprises lean heavily on cloud technologies to safely and effectively store data, the AI and ML that surface and draw meaning from the data are limited to a small group of qualified data scientists and engineers. And that’s a serious bottleneck: the data driving business value needs to be easily accessible to everyone, not just those with a PhD.

We designed to break this trend by delivering the industry’s best open analytics and ML-powered search to the masses. helps companies without AI machine learning expertise, to build a high-performance search and analytics engine for data stored in hybrid- and multi-cloud infrastructures. 

Analytics excellence is, without a doubt, a powerful platform to bring open-source analytics and ML to the masses. It gives customers the ability to manage their infrastructure better, view their customer’s journey across applications, and detect possible security breaches. All with our high-performance Log Analytics.


Further, it helps our customers keep all data, including fast-growing machine-generated data, ultrawarm, searchable, easily accessible, and available at a lower cost versus other analytics services. Customers never have to tier off data for ML training, ensuring the most reliable and accurate results. They can also store analytics data indefinitely using breakthrough cost reduction storage technology.


Built on an Intel backbone of 2nd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors and accelerated by Intel Optane persistent memory, provides superior scale for even higher-performance Log Analytics workloads while dramatically minimizing the cost economics. 


But don’t just take our word for it.

Partnerships matter

In a recent press release, Jeremy Rader, GM of Digital Transformation and Scale Solutions at Intel offered the following on our partnership: “As we continue to push past barriers to innovate and help customers solve their most difficult data challenges, we look to revolutionary companies like who offer next-generation technology platforms, based on an Intel platform foundation.  We anticipate sharing the benefits of their expertise in open source analytics and Machine Learning service for enterprise data with our joint customers and partners.”   


phoenixNAP, a premier global IT services provider and early adopter, turned to when it identified a need to add an Elasticsearch Service into its product portfolio. Its goal? To better assist their own customers, manage vast volumes of metadata that needed to be searched and stored in object storage.


William Bell, phoenixNAP’s EVP of Product, said: “Organizations across the board are battling to manage the burgeoning amount of machine-generated data or metadata. Elasticsearch presents challenges in managing server clusters and usually requires data to be stored in flash storage, which becomes increasingly costly as data volumes increase. We used to store the data in highly scalable object storage and Intel Optane DC persistent memory for caching. Delivering Elasticsearch as a Service powered by, we have new opportunities to differentiate our data center services and help our partners grow.”


According to Bell, the company reduced latency by 80% and achieved 3x faster indexing using to store the data in highly scalable object storage and Intel Optane DC persistent memory for caching compared to a popular hyperscale cloud environment (it had tried). phoenixNAP’s customers can now analyze the data they keep in its data centers without needing to validate the data sovereignty of a new provider.


Today, phoenixNAP customers leverage the Analytics Service for Elasticsearch™ with Intel Optane persistent memory for use cases such as log management and analytics, system health monitoring, application performance monitoring, real-time incident response, security information and event management (SIEM), IoT and more.

As phoenixNAP exemplifies, breaks the trend of ‘vast data lakes, but no value,’ and has liberated data analytics for data professionals who can shape increased revenue and profitability from data insights that may lie dormant and untapped.


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