Winning the ROI game with Vizion Block Storage

It always amazes me how much time and effort is invested into saving money. This is certainly the case with our cloud service, and our effort has resulted in the creation of significant intellectual property. We recently filed a few patents that focus on the unique ways we conserve valuable resources within a cloud environment. Take AWS for example.  A costly resource within AWS is Elastic Block Storage (EBS). EBS is commonly the largest component of any AWS bill. As your service grows, your databases will get larger, more databases will be created, more data will be ingested and managed, and all this requires additional EBS. More EBS can mean, as you add more customers, your cost per customer is not decreasing fast enough ... Read More

Why for Elasticsearch?

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of launching Elasticsearch service. This product is designed to help organizations evolve their data intelligence services while saving on infrastructure costs as their business grows. As we were developing the platform, we knew we wanted to bring imagination to a new world of search and analytics that would work cohesively with File Search Service. We envisioned that customers will focus on data value and get out of the muck of managing infrastructure. With these goals in mind, we set out to build an Elasticsearch service to better enable our customers to go above and beyond their enterprise demands. Finding the Needle in the Haystack How did this idea come to fruition? We didn’t originally set ... Read More

Introducing Elasticsearch Service: Putting the Elastic ^ In Search

Since each enterprise has its own unique strategy and technical demands, the multi-cloud approach has quickly become the standard for many organizations. In fact, a recent study found that 86% of companies are using a multi-cloud approach to assist in their digital growth and innovation and to help save on infrastructure costs. That’s why last fall we created, Panzura’s multi-cloud data services platform that helps unlock the power of your data by making it easier to find and share across previously siloed clouds. And now, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Elasticsearch service, where we are putting the Elastic back in search. With ESS, line of business, IT operations, DevOps, and managed service provider professionals benefit from: Elastic Simplicity: one-click ... Read More

Welcome to Elasticsearch Service!

We are thrilled to share our new multi-cloud data services platform with you. Developed over two years by a team of 80+ engineers, is a completely new platform for running machine learning and AI workloads and brings to market some unique benefits. Elastic to scale – is built from the ground to enable scalability for whatever data size is sent to it. Lean economics – uses object storage to store data and keep costs down. A new consumption model – usage-based pricing, meaning you will only pay only for what you use. Whether you need 10 GB or 10 TB or 10 PB of indexed data, we scale transparently to support your gathering and analysis needs. With, it is no longer ... Read More

Data Silos and Breaches: Building a Long-term Security Operations Platform with Elasticsearch

A trio of open source products may help you secure your data environment The recent Marriott data breach will likely run into the hundreds of millions of dollars, and class action lawyers are trying to turn it into billions. Unfortunately, the headline is all too familiar. Organized crime or nation-state actors burrow their way into IT networks, lying dormant through a back-door communications channel, slowly draining precious data from what were previously thought to be “protected” systems. Although many security vendors offer various solutions to address these threats, the truth is there is no simple answer. Every corporate IT environment is like a snowflake — consisting of hundreds if not thousands of applications, legacy infrastructure and databases. There’s no simple code-patch to deploy. The only ... Read More