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What is for Elasticsearch Service? for Elasticsearch makes Elasticsearch simple, scalable, and secure at half the cost of other services. Customers can now add Elasticsearch in a single click without having to worry about infrastructure. for ElasticSearch Service helps us delivers unprecedented 1-click simplicity, performance, security and scalability to our customers for several use cases such as logs as a service, IOT as service, security monitoring and more.” – William Bell, Executive Vice President of Products, phoenixNAP.

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Why Use for Elasticsearch?

Elastic Simplicity


Elastic Scale


Elastic Savings


Elastic Security


Use Cases

Use Case - Log Monitoring

Log Monitoring

Use Case - Security Operations

Security Operations

Use Case - Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Use Case - Customer 360 Analytics

Customer 360 Analytics

Use Case - Embedded Elasticsearch API

Embedded Elasticsearch API

Benefits of for Elasticsearch Users

Benefits IT OPS


Lower cost, Enhance Security/ Compliance, Scale without limits

Benefits Line of Business


Immediate time to data value, Increased Productivity

Benefits Dev Ops


Deploy Unlimited Stacks in Seconds, Focus on data value, not infrastructure

Log File Monitoring

Use open-source Logstash or Beats plug-ins to send your log-files to for Elasticsearch Service for indexing and real-time analysis. Log Management

Ingest, index, & search across all of your logs in real-time


Search for patterns across multiple servers at the same time


Visualize service health with Kibana

Security Operations Monitoring

Create a security operations vault that indexes and stores patterns across enterprise data with advanced Elasticsearch analytics.

Search for failed server login attempts


Identify IP address of repeat attackers


Search across thousands of servers concurrently Security Operations

Embedded Elasticsearch API

Open Elasticsearch API supports creation of new, cloud-native applications taking advantage of the powerful search and visualization capabilities of the Elastic Stack. Cloud-Native Application

RESTful API supports Elasticsearch 6.5


Unlimited scale for your application


Pay only for what you use


Create as many development, staging, and production environments as needed

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