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Monitoring Network Activity with Vizion Elastic and Packetbeat

Packetbeat is a real-time network packet analyzer that you can use with Vizion Elastic to provide an application monitoring and performance analytics system. Packetbeat completes the Beats platform by providing visibility between the servers of your network.

If running a Mac or Linux console,you can quickly download and configure Packetbeat with our download script by executing the following command (making sure to include your Elasticsearch url):

curl >;

chmod a+x; ./ << your Vizion Elastic url here >>

This will install Packetbeat version 6.5.4, update the packetbeat.yml config file to connect with your instance, load the dashboards into Kibana, and start shipping your logs.  If you want to install/configure manually, this guide can take you through the steps.

Log data should now be shipping from your machine to your Vizion Elastic instance. You can now view the filebeat logs file at:/var/log/filebeat/filebeat and can start visualizing your data with Kibana.