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Which region the server will be hosted


I would like to know which region server will be hosted. This is to understand latency from our servers.

We are trying to provide a search with the lowest latency possible and the location of the server is very important.

Also, is there any option for replica so that the same content can be accessed from different locations with better latency.


Thanks for your interest in Elasticsearch Service.  Today, is deployed in AWS.  The workloads will be in the US-WEST-2 region. is deployed as a microservice to simplify and scale the deployments automatically.  Unlike other Elastic Stack environments, abstracts the complexity of operations and provides a serverless API for consumption.

It would be great to learn about your requirements for latency and search - especially topology for queries or remote data ingest.

You can reply in this forum if you'd like, or email me personally at jlam at vizion dot ai