Log Analytics Service

Log Analytics Service


Analyze the machine data generated across your IT portfolio to gain better security, performance, efficiency, and cost savings.

Use Log Analytics Service (LAS) to aggregate, store, search and take action on any event that can be captured by your IT infrastructure. Powered by for Elasticsearch Service (ESS) there are hundreds of connectors to monitor everything from operating system logs, web server errors, load balancers, firewalls and just about any software, development stack or networking equipment you can imagine.

Here are just a few of the software stacks that can be captured with Logstash:

Extensible Log Analytics partners with AWS and leverages AWS Open Distribution for Elasticsearch to provide full ELK stack compatibility. Fully available under open Apache 2.0 licensing, LAS is portable, without any proprietary lock-in.

Below is a representation of the flow of data from your log data sources into the for Elasticsearch Service where they can be captured, searched and analyzed.

Log Analytics Service Data Flow

4 Reasons to choose for your Log Analytics


No more Elasticsearch cluster management. With one click provisioning your cluster is created, managed and maintained in the cloud


As your log aggregation and indexing needs grow and shrink, your cluster dynamically resizes with the load. This provides full elasticity for your Elasticsearch experience ensuring it is always right-sized for your log indexing needs


Secure multi-tenancy SaaS, with data security built-in throughout. Integrated TLS 1.2 encryption from your beats across the network into your cluster; encryption for all data indexes at rest. Read more about Security & Privacy here.


Pick the plan that is right for you, with savings of 40-60% over building your own, while eliminating management headaches, increasing up-time, scale and durability and fidelity scale without limits. offers a Free Standard Tier of service of 1 GB per day ingestion and 30 Days of retention – a $400/month value.

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