Check Your Data's Health

Import and monitor data logs across your entire IT portfolio for an up-to-the-minute view of the health of your infrastructure, network, applications and file data.


All Of Your Data Logs, In One Place lets you monitor, search and analyze every event that can be captured by your IT infrastructure, within any cloud source, from just one dashboard. Hundreds of connectors let you import log and metric data from multiple sources, from Slack to VMWare, AWS to Revit.

ANALYTIC vizualizations

Dashboards For Unique Requirements log analytics comes complete with several built in dashboards, like this one for Autodesk’s Revit 3D collaborative CAD application. takes the guesswork out of what the team is working on and how it is performing. 

If You Can Connect It, You Can Monitor It

Choose from hundreds of open source data connectors to import your log stacks, including these popular services.

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