Limitless Logging

Search, filter and visualize logs across your entire IT portfolio with our universal data collectors. 


Get real-time views of the health of your infrastructure, network, applications and platforms. Create alerts for instant notification of events that are important to you.


Simplify Monitoring And Troubleshooting lets you monitor, search and analyze every event that can be captured by your IT infrastructure, or any cloud source, from just one dashboard. 


Hundreds of connectors let you import log and metric data from multiple sources – from Windows to Linux, from VMware to AWS, from Office 365 to WordPress, from MySQL to Node.js.


ANALYTIC vizualizations

Visualize Your Logs log analytics comes complete with over 100 customizable dashboards to make it easy to find, spot and analyze your data. Discover patterns quickly, and then click to drill down on interesting datasets. 


It’s the fastest and easiest way to discover access, error and usage patterns across your applications and infrastructure.

If You Can Connect It, You Can Monitor It

Choose from hundreds of open source data connectors to import your log stacks, including these popular services.

Unlock the power of your data with