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Log File Monitoring

Use open-source Logstash or Beats plug-ins to send your log-files to Elasticsearch Service for indexing and real-time analysis. Log Management

Ingest, index, & search across all of your logs in real-time


Search for patterns across multiple servers at the same time


Visualize service health with Kibana

Security Operations Monitoring

Create a security operations vault that indexes and stores patterns across enterprise data with advanced Elasticsearch analytics.

Search for failed server login attempts


Identify IP address of repeat attackers


Search across thousands of servers concurrently Security Operations

Embedded Elasticsearch API

Open Elasticsearch API supports creation of new, cloud-native applications taking advantage of the powerful search and visualization capabilities of the Elastic Stack. Cloud-Native Application

RESTful API supports Elasticsearch 6.5


Unlimited scale for your application


Pay only for what you use


Create as many development, staging, and production environments as needed

Multi-Cloud Data Services Platform is built on a breakthrough, hyper-scale multi-cloud data engine orchestrated by Kubernetes. Our Distributed Cache Tier (DCT) provides a high-performance storage tier that scales linearly with the workload, eliminating traditional storage bottlenecks. This enables our break-through performance to support your Elasticsearch and other workload needs. The open API enables a new world of multi-cloud data applications — from IoT to security monitoring to log analysis to cost optimization.
Bring your imagination, will manage the rest. | Kibana | Logstash | Beats

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