The Need for a Federal Published API on Infectious Disease Outbreaks and Locations

One takeaway of the Coronavirus epidemic is how fast misinformation spreads. To combat this we need to take a hard look at how we can better use open data initiatives by the federal government to present factual data with reliable sources in real-time. In the early days of the Coronavirus – only about a month ago – we wanted to give our global employees a webpage so they could track Now Delivering Open Analytics and ML Service with Breakthrough Simplicity, Speed, and Economics on Intel Optane Technology

AI and Machine Learning are causing a seismic shift in IT because for the first time, computing intelligence is beginning to liberate the true value of enterprise data. But as enterprises lean heavily on cloud technologies to safely and effectively store data, the AI and ML that surface and draw meaning from the data are limited to a small group of qualified data scientists and engineers. And that’s a serious

Winning the ROI game with Vizion Block Storage

It always amazes me how much time and effort is invested into saving money. This is certainly the case with our cloud service, and our effort has resulted in the creation of significant intellectual property.