Elasticsearch Speed At Enterprise Scale allows enterprises to use the speed of Elasticsearch to get instant answers, at a fraction of the cost of data services like Splunk and Sumo Logic.

Elasticsearch as a service -

Blazing Fast Data Search - Elasticsearch As A Service for Elasticsearch is a fully managed service that scales as your data grows. Whereas deploying Elasticsearch within large enterprises may involve heavy IT time and infrastructure costs, with you just click and connect.  


No server clusters, nodes, additional storage space or IT effort required. Deploy in just one click.

SCALABILITY allows Elasticsearch data storage to scale as you need it to, without impacting performance.


Our caching technology allows large data sets to deliver pinpoint accuracy with no investment in infrastructure.


Architected to protect your data and your systems, with a built in security operations vault for access monitoring.

Focus On Data Intelligence, Not Infrastructure

Connect as many stacks as you want. Ingest as much data as you need. Unlike other contracted services, the incredible cost efficiency of for Elasticsearch is achieved through reducing or eliminating your log storage-specific infrastructure and IT costs.

Monitor Anything

If you can log it, you can monitor it with our extensive range of views and filters. Just connect your data stack and for Elasticsearch will turn your data into actionable insights.

Know What Normal Looks Like

Understand normal user patterns, see access attempts and network spikes in real time and configure alerts to your email or Slack channel to instantly tell you about unusual network activity.

Secure Deployment

The way we deploy for Elasticsearch minimizes your risk of a data breach and keeps your information secure, even while allowing multiple authorized users to log in to manage your stacks. 

“ for Elasticsearch helps us deliver unprecedented 1-click simplicity, performance, security, and scalability to our customers for several use cases such as logs as a service, IoT as a service, security monitoring and more.”
William Bell
Executive VP of Products, phoenixNAP