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Importing and Exporting Dashboards

Need to transfer your mappings, indexes, and visuals from one Vizion Elastic Stack instance to another? No worries. It is a simple and painless process.


  1. Log into Kibana.


2. Click on the Management tab and then 'Saved Objects'.

3. Inside of 'Saved Objects' you can choose to export everything or just the settings you need.

This will export a JSON file with all your dashboards, saved searches and visualizations. We recommend the full export because you will be sure that you have all of your objects. If you were to export a single object, then it may not work if it is dependent on other objects.


Before importing to the new Kibana, make sure that the relevant logs are already being shipped up into the new Vizion Elastic Stack instance.

4. In the new Kibana instance, click on the Management tab and then 'Index Patterns'.


5. Refresh the mapping. Click on the refresh icon in the top right corner.

6. Click on Management again and then 'Saved Objects'.


7. Click on the 'Import' button.


8. Find the recent exported JSON file and click 'Import'.


You should now have all your previously created settings automatically applied to the incoming logs in the new Kibana instance.


NOTE: If any visualization or dashboard did not import, the issue is most likely a field that is referenced in the visualization but not indexed within your Elastic Instance. Please make sure that you are shipping the correct logs and that the Kibana mapping is refreshed.